Why am I starting a blog?

Hi y’all! This blog is gonna be for you, readers. I am starting a blog since I am very inspired about the different blogs that I am reading. (I’ll be sharing those blog sites with you soon so keep in touch!). I am also inspired about the songs I’ve listened to, the movies I’ve watched and all the beautiful things around me.

Actually, I have so many in mind about what to write in this blog and I am very excited about my ideas. I am planning to fill this blog with love. Yaaaay!

I like to share my stories–my daily stories–although I wouldn’t be posting a blog every day. I would love to share with you about my realizations, events in my life, my walk with God etc which I hope would inspire you. I think I am also be posting of poems or essays or lyrics or spoken word something or anything that I could think of.

Aaaand hello to all kdrama fans! I am also welcoming you here since I would be sharing about the dramas I’ve watched. I’ll be fangirling and stuff or will share to you about my thoughts of a certain scene in a certain drama.
So, basically, this blog would be full of random stuff. I hope to be talking to you very soon and I hope you look forward to hearing from me. Aaaaaand I will always be reminding you to “seize the day”.

Carpe Diem xoxo



What’s yours?

Last night, I came across a blog–a story of a man and woman who had the most perfect love story. They were high school sweethearts and they really loved each other. They were together for like 6 years. Every one around them thinks they were perfect for each other. Parents are supportive. Not much of kontrabidas. It felt like forever. But not until they broke up… Yes, they did. Unfortunate, right? But let’s dig in more of the story. What happened to them both?

After a year and a half, they met at a coffee shop. They got a chance to talk to each other. Scratch. They did not really talk. They both handed an invitation to each other. And the man left. Just like that.

The woman was shocked as soon as she opened the invitation so she followed him. She cried and congratulated him. She was crying tears of joy because she was so happy that the man she once loved is now going to be a priest. End.

I swear the moment I read the last sentence, I felt chills all over my body. It was so damn amazing and beautiful. At least they both had their love stories in the end, right?

This story gave me a lot of thoughts. It was midnight when I saw this by the way. People tend to think that the present will remain just the same in the future. When it’s not. There are lots of circumstances that can happen. Our plans may not be according to His plan–God’s plan.

So what am I talking about? Purpose. Plans. His plans for you. Do we all know what we’re here for? Why do we exist? What’s our purpose? Are we meant to have a family? Be married? Be a nun? A priest? Are we for the course we took? Are we for engineering? Are we for running a business? What are we to the people around us? Things such as this left me astounded and wowed.

Let me explain. Purpose.

Would you call a thing an electric fan if doesn’t have those elisi and give air? Would you call a thing a phone if you can’t make calls in it? The answer is no. Why? Would a phone be a fan? No. An electric fan is made to give air and a phone is made so we can call. Because it’s their purpose. Interesting.

I have been thinking so much lately about my purpose. I am a finance major and 19. Right now, I am praying for my purpose. I am young and still don’t know what plans he has for me although I am sure it is a good one. But I have to suspect that I am for working in a bank, be on a Christian mission (maybe become a family in mission) and get married. These are suspects tho, I am still asking God if these are right for me.

You? Have you ever thought of your purpose? Why are you here?

Which is why we all should pray. Ask Him. I tell you. God gives answers. I have seen and heard so many testimonies about God answering their pleads. Stories of realizations and amazement.

We should have time at morning and at night and beg the Lord to tell us. Take note it isn’t an “or” but an “and”; morning and night. Because we should know. How should we do our purpose if we don’t know it. We should be eager to know. Otherwise, we aren’t human because humans are supposed to have a purpose.

Confusing? Yes. We are confusing.

I hope this gave you a lot of thought. I don’t know if I made sense to you but I know I did. Hmmm. Kidding.

Be inspired! xoxo

To all nanays

Behind our stories are the stories of our mom.

In celebration of mother’s day, let us all express our gratitude and love for our heroes–our nanays. To all nanays out there, happy mother’s day!

From the 9 months of carriage in their womb, to giving birth, to breastfeeding us, to raising us up, to taking care of us, to waking us up in the morning for school, to preparing our baons, to giving us encouraging words, to all their sarifices and everything they did for us. They just truly deserve to be honored this day. Scratch. Not only today, but everyday.

Today is a special day for our mothers so keep it special. Avoid being a pasaway. Give them gifts, hug them and tell them you love them. They all deserve those. Do it while you still have time.

Kudos to all wondernanays! You all are amazing. Happy mother’s day!